Hi guys!

Guess who’s back? ;) 

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that’s it! new theme. what do you think?

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Help guyss

So I was kind of.. errm, getting bored of this theme, and I decided to move on to another theme

Well after a lot of thinking I finally narrow it down to this two




please help! or if you have another suggestion just pop into my askbox! here

help, please?

I’m back guys :))

Hello there!

so from Monday to Wednesday, I’ll be gone because of some stupid school events

And i cannot bring my laptop (obvs) so I would disable the askbox


You still have time to request until 1.00 PM GMT

so do it :) i’ll make it as fast as i can


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beauty-and-a-beat-icons asked: "Hello, if u were looking for aurora's pics, here are some www(.)tumblr(.)com(/)tagged(/)aurora_mohn c: ps: u're doing an amazing job with this!!"

Thank you so much!! Xx

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everyday-im-swagering asked: "hey! a header, a sidebackground and a 240x240 icon of Chloe Moretz, Aurora Mohn or AnnaSophia Robb. any of them, pleaaaase. ps: i love u!"

Will do the background & header when i have the time! :) Check this blog sometime Xx Love you too 

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(Can’t find Aurora Mohn pictures, sorry)

soojungsxo asked: "Hello, first of all you're doing amazing job on all of these. If you're avaible to do it I'd like to get some Taylor Swift icons :) I'm waiting, xxx."

Thank you!

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kkiananicole-deactivated2013120 asked: "could you make a teen wolf header, background, and icon please?"

I’m terribly sorry, but I couldn’t find any large enough pictures to make  backgrounds/headers. But here’s some icons :)

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dancingswithmiley asked: "Cher Lloyd Header? :)"

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